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drawing titled Two Phobias

Two Phobias

To a phobic, the depth of fear is wholly out of proportion to the actual threat. Fear of the moon—why is madness called lunacy? Musophobia—even the thought of mice or rats can induce states ranging from panic to paralysis. Two Phobias explores out-sized fear in an over-sized medium.

Drawn to the Wall V

Every three years, five artists are invited to spend two weeks at Gonzaga University’s Jundt Art Museum to create a drawing on one side of an 8-by-12 moveable wall. The following video documents the making and removal of these drawings.

                        Drawn to the Wall video
                              Video DTTW V

                           Jundt Museum PDF

               Jundt Art Museum Catalog PDF
       Working on the wall

silverpoint mice

detail of silverpoint mice
painting the wall

hand-rubbed charcoal over chalkboard paint
painting the wall

features of the moon are charcoal over white gesso
silverpoint mice

Kurt Madison applies a patina to the silverpoint
opening reception

with finished drawing at opening reception

Special thanks to Matt Green Films for the video Drawn to the Wall V, and Christian Woods for additional documentation and photography