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Recent Works

Installation: Drawn to the Wall V
drawing titled Two Phobias Every three years, five artists are invited to spend two weeks at Gonzaga University’s Jundt Art Museum to create a drawing on one side of an 8-by-12 moveable wall. The unusual component of this project is that the drawings will be removed and painted over at the end of the exhibit and the walls returned to their normal use as gallery partitions.

                                       Drawn to the Wall video
                                     Drawn to the Wall video
Two Phobias drawing  

Main Street Installation
Working without photo references these seven images are drawn from memory, depicting places and events in my hometown of St. Maries Idaho, circa 1967-69. The drawings were installed in storefront windows along Main Street for two weeks. Like all memories, they contain a degree of unreliability- prone to exaggeration, misinterpretation and alteration over time. drawing titled Front Doorway drawing titled Guenther House
drawing titled Halloween Wreck drawing titled Back Steps drawing titled Lightning Strike drawing titled Anticipating drawing titled Visitation

Charcoal drawings
drawing titled Balanced drawing titled Balanced 2 drawing titled Balanced 3 drawing titled Three Chairs drawing titled Bill 2
drawing titled Bill 1 drawing titled Field Burn VII drawing titled Crowd drawing titled Two Crops drawing titled Through the Firs
drawing titled Into the Forest drawing titled Morning Light